Can You Feel the Love?

Join us on Friday 2/8/19 for a very special pre-Valentine’s Day tasting, featuring Barefoot Pink Moscato.

Anybody else out there in reader-land ready for Spring? Because I am. February always feels like this never-ending wasteland of short days and dirty snow piles. The air in my house is stale and my kids are quite literally bouncing off the walls. I say bring on the seasonal allergies of April and May! At least I’ll be outside.

While it’s not my thing, February *does* bring us one bright light (okay, two if you’re a football fan)– Valentine’s Day. A day for you to shower your special someone (or yourself! You’re special, too!) with goodies, specifically marketed to jolt you out of your post-holiday slump and back into your wallet! Yay, consumerism!

barefoot-pink-moscatoWE CAN HELP! Stop by one of our famous free tasting events. We have them every Friday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. This week it’s Barefoot Pink Moscato– a perfectly sweet wine for your sweetheart! As always, we offer at 10% discount on the featured wine during any tasting event. And if you’re feeling like saying EFF CAPITALISM, you can try and not buy. At Vintage 20 we’re not pushy, but we are happy to help. 🙂

Hope to see you this week. Cheers!



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